Twitter's AI Revolution: Elon Musk's Secret Plan Unveiled!

By: LetsRock Today

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X, previously known as Twitter, is set to implement a new privacy policy, allowing the use of user-generated content to train its AI models starting from September 29th.

Elon Musk, the owner of X, clarified that private data like direct messages will not be used for AI model training.

X charges other businesses $42,000 for API access to its data, and Musk previously threatened legal action against Microsoft for allegedly "illegally using Twitter data."

The AI community mourns the passing of Doug Lenat, a prominent figure in AI, known for his work on artificial general intelligence and pioneering neurosymbolic systems.

Lenat's impressive academic journey included degrees from the University of Pennsylvania and a PhD from Stanford University, where he focused on software for automatic computer program generation.

Lenat served as an assistant professor at Carnegie Mellon University and Stanford University, and he was on the Scientific Advisory Boards of both Microsoft and Apple.

In 1994, Lenat founded Cycorp, an AI company specializing in machine reasoning with natural language interfaces, which found applications in logistics and healthcare.

AI21 Labs, an Israeli startup, raised $155 million in a Series C round, with plans to combine neural networks and symbolic systems to tackle AI challenges, while Gannett faced criticism for temporarily halting AI-generated sports journalism due to quality issues.