Minecraft Fans Stunned: No Xbox Series X/S Upgrade Yet!

By LetsRock Today

Microsoft confirms no new Xbox Series X/S version of Minecraft in the near future, disappointing eager fans.

Speculations about an upgrade were fueled by game ratings in Germany and the US, but Microsoft clarifies these don't indicate a new version.

Minecraft is widely available across platforms, including Microsoft, PlayStation, Nintendo, and mobile devices, but lacks an Xbox Series X/S version.

Rumors about an Xbox Series X/S update began in August with ratings appearing, creating anticipation.

Microsoft's official statement to Eurogamer dashes hopes of an imminent release, emphasizing the ratings were routine updates.

The statement remains vague about ongoing development, leaving room for speculation.

An Xbox Series X/S version of Minecraft would be a significant announcement given the game's massive popularity.

Release timing remains uncertain; while an early launch could boost sales, Mojang likely aims for a polished product, possibly arriving in 2024 or later.