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iOS 17's Shocking Secrets: Android Users Left in the Dark!

Device Dilemma:

The author uses both an Apple iPhone 14 Pro and a Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra but feels left out as a non-iPhone user, often referred to as a "green bubble" due to iMessage limitations.

iMessage Exclusivity:

iMessage, an Apple exclusive, has created a divide in group texts and FaceTime calls, causing frustration among non-iPhone users.

iOS 17's Arrival:

With iOS 17, Apple is introducing even more exclusive features, exacerbating the divide between iPhone users and others.

Contact Poster: 

iOS 17 introduces a new feature where iPhone users can exchange contact information by bringing their phones close together, creating a digital avatar called a "contact poster.

SharePlay Exclusivity:

iPhone users can now enjoy SharePlay, allowing them to share music, videos, and games seamlessly. Android users are left out of these experiences.

Safety Check In:

iOS 17 introduces a safety feature called Check In, allowing iPhone users to send location updates to ensure loved ones' safety. This feature is exclusive to iPhone users, raising concerns about Android users' safety.

Inclusivity Concerns:

The author believes that some features should be universal and not locked behind brand exclusivity, especially when it comes to basic communication like phone calls and text messages.

Safety vs. Brand:

The author questions whether Apple's exclusivity is compromising user safety by limiting features like Check In to iPhone users, potentially encouraging people to buy iPhones for safety reasons.

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