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Shocking Protests Rock Pakistan-Occupied Kashmir: Citizens Cry Out for Help!

Protests Rock Pakistan-Occupied Kashmir

Discover the explosive protests in Pakistan-Occupied Kashmir as residents demand freedom from Pakistan’s grip. Uncover the harsh realities and appeals to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in this eye-opening report on the turmoil in PoK.

According to a video shared by Kashmiri activist Shabir Choudhry, there have been significant protests in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK) due to various grievances. Residents across PoK’s cities, towns, and villages have taken to the streets to voice their concerns about food shortages, soaring inflation, and excessive taxes imposed on them.

Shabir Choudhry, an activist from the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir, has been amplifying the public’s discontent and attributing these protests to Pakistan’s policies. In a recent social media video, Choudhry highlighted the challenges faced by PoK residents, including power cuts, food insecurity, high inflation, and unjust taxation.

He revealed that people in PoK are reaching out to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, appealing for assistance and requesting liberation from Pakistan’s illegal occupation. They have even raised slogans near the Line of Control (LoC) in PoK, urging Modi to help them escape the dire conditions they are facing, such as hunger and deprivation.

Choudhry criticized Pakistan for exploiting PoK’s resources and implementing flawed policies that have allowed corruption to flourish. He pointed out that despite producing a significant amount of electricity in the region, PoK residents are burdened with high electricity bills.

Over the past three months, Pakistan has witnessed a doubling of electricity costs, leading to widespread protests and anger. In PoK, people are suffering due to heavy taxes on essential commodities like wheat flour.

Citizens in PoK have endured decades of hardships under Pakistan’s rule and are now looking to India as a source of hope amid their economic struggles.

Kashmiris argue that Pakistan’s government has consistently treated the people of Gilgit Baltistan and PoK as second-class citizens compared to the more favored province of Punjab. PoK was illegally occupied by Pakistan in 1947, and its residents have long sought international intervention to regain their freedom.

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