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Political Showdown: Who Dominated the Bypolls? Shocking Results Inside!

Political Showdown Who Dominated the Bypolls

Get the inside scoop on the latest by-poll results as the BJP and INDIA alliance face off in a political battle. Discover surprising victories, opposition alliances, and what’s at stake for the upcoming elections in this gripping analysis!

In the latest round of crucial by-elections across six states, the BJP-led NDA and the opposition’s INDIA bloc both achieved notable victories, setting the stage for upcoming assembly elections and the next Lok Sabha polls. Here’s a summary of the key outcomes:

The BJP secured victories in three assembly seats: two in Tripura and one in Uttarakhand, both states under BJP rule. Notably, the Tripura by-poll witnessed a direct contest between the BJP and the CPI, with the Congress and Tipra Motha abstaining from fielding candidates. The BJP retained the Dhanpur seat with a significant margin and won the Muslim-majority Boxanagar seat convincingly. In Uttarakhand, the BJP’s victory margin was 2405 votes, boding well for the party as it gears up for the Lok Sabha elections against a united opposition.

For the INDIA parties in the opposition, the by-polls brought several wins, with four parties triumphing in four states: Congress in Kerala’s Puthuppally, JMM in Jharkhand’s Dumri, Trinamool Congress in West Bengal’s Dhupguri, and the Samajwadi Party in Uttar Pradesh’s Ghosi.

In Uttar Pradesh, the SP candidate retained the Ghosi seat with substantial support from other opposition parties, defeating the BJP candidate by over 42,000 votes. In Jharkhand, the ruling JMM candidate, backed by other opposition parties, secured a comprehensive victory against the All Jharkhand Students’ Union (AJSU), an ally of the BJP.

However, there were instances of INDIA allies competing against each other in West Bengal and Kerala, raising concerns for the united front they plan to build for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. In West Bengal, the Trinamool Congress had to contend with both the BJP and its INDIA ally, the CPI, which received Congress’s support.

While the Trinamool candidate won, the state’s political dynamics remain complex, with the Congress and Left in the state hesitant to align with the Trinamool. How these parties collaborate for the Lok Sabha polls will be intriguing to observe.

In Kerala, the Congress, which contested against the ruling CPM (its INDIA ally), secured a comprehensive victory with a margin of 37,719 votes. The BJP, striving to gain ground in the state, finished a distant third with just 6,558 votes. This outcome prompts the BJP to reflect on its strategies if it aims to make significant progress in southern India.

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