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France’s $3.2 Billion Deal with Bangladesh Shocks the World! You Won’t Believe What They’re Buying!

France's $3.2 Billion Deal with Bangladesh Shocks the World

Discover the jaw-dropping $3.2 billion deal between France and Bangladesh, plus a groundbreaking satellite agreement! Explore the surprising details of this game-changing partnership now!

On Monday, Bangladesh and France solidified a significant deal, with Bangladesh agreeing to purchase 10 Airbus aircraft valued at $3.2 billion. Additionally, a letter of intent was exchanged to establish an earth observation satellite system. This momentous agreement was reached during talks between French President Emmanuel Macron and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, aimed at strengthening bilateral relations.

Macron’s visit to Dhaka, the first by a French president in over three decades, is widely seen as part of Paris’ efforts to bolster its Asia-Pacific strategy and counterbalance the growing influence of China in the region, often referred to as a “new imperialism.”

During his meeting with Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, Macron emphasized their commitment to democratic principles and the rule of law. He indirectly alluded to China by expressing a desire to offer an alternative path, one that does not involve coercion or unsustainable schemes, highlighting their focus on enhancing the independence and strategic autonomy of their partner nations to preserve their sovereignty.

The discussions between Macron and Hasina also included Biman Airline’s intention to purchase ten A350 aircraft from Airbus, a potential contract worth up to $3.2 billion. Biman had previously procured planes from Boeing, but this new initiative signifies a shift in their aircraft acquisitions.

Macron praised Bangladesh’s decision to procure Airbus aircraft, acknowledging its significance in strengthening ties between the two nations and showing trust in the European aerospace industry. He expressed his gratitude for this commitment during a media statement following the meeting with the Bangladeshi premier.

A French diplomat emphasized France’s intention to help countries in the region diversify their alliances, as they cannot compete directly with China due to their smaller population and their status as a US ally. This support aims to ensure that countries in the region are not overly reliant on a single nation.

Furthermore, a letter of intent was signed to provide Bangladesh with an earth observation satellite system, a collaboration between Bangladesh Satellite Company Limited (BSCL) and Airbus Defense and Space SAS. The details of this satellite system are still being finalized, and the agreement was signed by Bangladesh’s Economic Relations Division in coordination with the French Development Agency.

Shahjahan Mahmud, Chairman of state-run Bangladesh Satellite Company Ltd, explained that the satellite will orbit at an altitude of approximately 350 miles above the Earth, primarily serving the purpose of monitoring crops and sea conditions, as Bangladesh currently lacks such monitoring capabilities over its extensive sea areas.

This visit by Macron to Dhaka is seen as part of France’s strategy to engage with Bangladesh, a nation where major global powers like China, Russia, and the United States are competing for influence. Macron’s visit follows his earlier trip to the Pacific region and Sri Lanka, where he outlined France’s Indo-Pacific strategy to reaffirm the country’s commitment to the region.

France stands as Bangladesh’s fifth-largest trading partner, particularly in fields such as engineering, energy, aerospace, and water sectors. The bilateral trade between the two nations has grown significantly since the early 1990s, with total trade now exceeding Euro 4.9 billion, making France Bangladesh’s fifth-largest export destination.

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