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Festival Mayhem: Electric Zoo Turns Into a NIGHTMARE! See the Unbelievable Footage!


Discover the shocking events that unfolded at the Electric Zoo Festival, where gates fell, chaos erupted, and attendees revolted. Get an inside look at the mayhem and learn what went wrong during this disastrous weekend.

After a weekend filled with disappointment, attendees of the Electric Zoo festival on Randall’s Island found themselves unexpectedly turned away at the gates on Sunday. The festival organizers cited reaching capacity “earlier than anticipated” as the reason for this unfortunate turn of events.

As the sun began to set, a frustrated crowd of ticket holders stormed the barriers surrounding the venue, as captured in witness videos. These videos showed the security overwhelmed and the fences breached, leading to a chaotic scene. “Gates down, chaos reigns,” The Festive Owl, a festival media company, tweeted.

Some festival-goers expressed their dismay on social media, with one person on Instagram lamenting, “When Burning Man is literally declared a national disaster and it’s not the worst festival this weekend.”

The trouble began when organizers announced at 6:35 p.m. local time that they were closing the festival site to newcomers with “deep regret.” They also requested that those planning to attend later refrain from doing so. Organizers later assured those denied entry that they would receive full refunds.

Little explanation was provided for how the festival reached maximum capacity so early. The 6:35 p.m. tweet vaguely mentioned “the challenges caused by Friday cancellation,” likely referring to the last-minute cancellation of Electric Zoo’s first day. Organizers had cited “supply chain disruptions” that prevented the completion of the main stage in time for the festival’s start. Notable acts, including Kx5, Kaskade, and the Chainsmokers, had been scheduled to perform.

Despite this setback, the festival eventually kicked off on the following day, albeit two hours later than initially planned. No explanation was offered for the delay, resulting in some acts being rescheduled or omitted from the lineup.

Nikademis, an artist set to perform his first-ever DJ set at the festival, expressed his frustration with CBS New York, saying, “It’s a shame, like, I found out through social media like everyone else. Otherwise, there was no communication with me, and to be honest, there hasn’t been much information about what’s going on.”

Those who managed to enter the festival on Saturday took to social media to complain about unfinished stages and broken display screens. One woman told The Messenger, “It was a complete failure and an embarrassment.”

The chaos that ensued as the gates were overrun on Sunday prompted comparisons to the 2021 Astroworld festival, which was marred by a tragic crowd crush that claimed 10 lives and injured over 300 people. One participant in the Electric Zoo rush told Rolling Stone, “I’m never coming back. Worst experience of my life.”

The New York Police Department reported no arrests on Sunday night, as per ABC7 New York. Festival organizers assured attendees that buses and ferries would continue to operate to “safely transport” people off the island. A user on Twitter commented, “Fyre Fest 2.0,” drawing parallels to the infamous Fyre Festival.

Read more at The Daily Beast.

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