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Ewan McGregor’s Bold Stand Against Racist ‘Star Wars’ Fans Will Leave You Speechless!

Ewan McGregor's Bold Stand Against Racist 'Star Wars' Fans Will Leave You Speechless!

Discover how Ewan McGregor courageously defends co-star Moses Ingram from racist ‘Star Wars fans, sending a powerful message of unity and inclusion. Get the inside scoop on their battle against hate in a galaxy far, far away!

Ewan McGregor has once again demonstrated his commitment to promoting unity and denouncing racism in the “Star Wars” community. The acclaimed actor strongly condemned the disturbing racial attacks directed at his co-star, Moses Ingram, who plays “Obi-Wan Kenobi.”

In a galaxy where fans should stand together against dark forces, McGregor expressed his shock and disgust at the racist direct messages sent to Ingram. He passionately stated, “Moses is an incredibly talented actor, a remarkable woman, and her performance in this series is absolutely outstanding.” He went on to declare, “We stand firmly with Moses,” making it unequivocal that racism has no place among true “Star Wars” fans.

Moses Ingram, who portrays Sith Inquisitor Reva Sevander, did not remain silent in the face of hate. She chose to bring attention to the vitriol she had been enduring, sharing screenshots of messages that shockingly labelled her a “diversity hire” and even threatened her.

The official “Star Wars” page responded with a resounding message of unity: “We resist.” They expressed their pride in welcoming Moses Ingram into the iconic “Star Wars” universe and reminded fans that, in a galaxy with over 20 million species, choosing racism is a tragic choice.

Regrettably, Moses Ingram is not the first “Star Wars” star to face such hatred. Past incidents involving John Boyega and Kelly Marie Tran have reflected this unfortunate sentiment. Fortunately, Lucasfilm had anticipated and prepared for this backlash. Ingram mentioned Lucasfilm’s unwavering support, with the company ready to assist if racism rears its ugly head.

Despite pockets of hate, Ewan McGregor and the “Star Wars” community have demonstrated that love, support, and unity can overshadow bigotry. As Ingram herself emphasized, there is power in the block button, but even greater power in standing together against prejudice.

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