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Biden’s Jaw-Dropping Praise for India’s G20 Leadership – What They’re Hiding About Their Secret Plans!

Biden's Jaw-Dropping Praise for India's G20 Leadership

Discover the hidden details behind Biden’s surprising praise for India’s G20 leadership! Dive into their secret plans and shared goals, all revealed in this exclusive meeting between world leaders.

In a bilateral meeting held on Friday, US President Joe Biden commended India’s leadership of the G20 and praised the forum for its ability to achieve significant outcomes. Both President Biden and Prime Minister Narendra Modi reiterated their commitment to the G20 and expressed optimism that the forthcoming G20 Leaders’ Summit in New Delhi would advance their common objectives, including the acceleration of sustainable development, strengthening of multilateral cooperation, and fostering global consensus on inclusive economic policies. These goals encompass addressing shared challenges, such as the restructuring and expansion of multilateral development banks.

President Biden, who arrived in India to participate in the G20 summit, underlined the significance of the Quad in upholding a free, open, inclusive, and resilient Indo-Pacific region. Prime Minister Modi eagerly anticipated hosting President Biden at the next Quad Leaders’ Summit in India in 2024.

India welcomed the United States’ decision to co-lead the Indo-Pacific Oceans Initiative Pillar on Trade Connectivity and Maritime Transport, building on the US’s decision to join the initiative in June 2023.

Both leaders were in agreement that global governance needs to be more inclusive and representative. President Biden reaffirmed his support for a reformed UN Security Council with India as a permanent member and welcomed India’s candidacy for the UNSC non-permanent seat in 2028-29. They emphasized the necessity of strengthening and reforming the multilateral system to better align with contemporary realities and remained committed to a comprehensive UN reform agenda, including expansion in both permanent and non-permanent categories of UN Security Council membership.

Earlier, Prime Minister Modi extended a warm welcome to President Biden, emphasizing the enduring and close partnership between India and the United States. The leaders acknowledged the substantial progress made in implementing the significant agreements established during Prime Minister Modi’s historic visit to Washington in June.

President Biden and Prime Minister Modi called upon their respective governments to continue advancing the India-US Strategic Partnership across all facets of their comprehensive global agenda, grounded in trust and mutual understanding. They reaffirmed the pivotal role of shared values such as freedom, democracy, human rights, inclusion, pluralism, and equal opportunities for all citizens in bolstering the strength of the bilateral relationship.

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