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#217 – Mexicola

Queens Of The Stone Age in Queens Of The Stone Age (1998)

St Joshua, prions pour toi

Josh, we told you last time, that next time you’re around, we wouldn’t miss you. Well, let me tell you: we won’t miss you…

Tonight we have a date. Tonight you’re at the Paris’ Zenith for your first Parisian show since your Trianon outing last June, for the promotion of your last masterpiece …Like Clockwork, a concert that we were so wrong to miss. Since then, my sleep is different. Since then, I listened again to all your albums. Many times. I already told you but you’re one of those who make the legend of yesterday and today. Especially today, because it’s you, yes it’s you who contributes to the perpetual and unfailing renewal of the music we all cherish here. Tonight we have a date with a giant, both literally and figuratively.

I tried hard to find the good wink. I looked into your different projects that we already wrote about on this website. Them Crooked Vultures: done. Eagles Of Death Metal: done. Arctic Monkeys: done (even if didn’t talk about your collaboration with them. You know, when you helped them to drop their balls down when you produced their album Humbug. The greatest gift they ever received, without a doubt. Don’t be modest). We even wrote about your famous Queens, here. Yes, there is Kyuss too, but I leave this for a less important day (my dad – hi dad – deserves the best for his 60th birthday). Moreover, you were not alone at the time. Back in 1998, there was you, and your drummer. Looking at what you produced, no need for more.

You started your slaps distribution business in 1998. It took some time, in France, to realize that. Our patriotism makes us think that, for such an activity, we have Obelix. Or Laurent Blanc, to make the liknk with the year 1998 (true men know). But our patriotism, even this year, makes us do crazy stuff musically speaking. Here are the top selling songs in France

  1. Belle – BO Notre-Dame de Paris
  2. La tribu de Dana – Manau
  3. My Heart Will Go On – Céline Dion
  4. Yakalelo – Nomads
  5. The Boy Is Mine – Brandy et Monica
  6. Vivo per lei – Andrea Bocelli et Hélène Ségara
  7. Together again – Janet Jackson
  8. La Copa de la Vida – Ricky Martin
  9. Bye bye – Ménélik
  10. Everything’s gonna be alright – Sweetbox

And I won’t talk about the Victoires de la Musique awards (our Gammys)… Oh, I can’t resist. Revelation of the year : Lara Fabian. There it is, need some tissue?

Josh, I see them coming, the critics. « Weeeeeeellllll the French cultural exceptionnnnnnnnnn, it’s gooooooooood, the international influennnnnnnnnce, in Canadaaaaa we have Céline and René, and maaaaaaaany others« . Let them talk! You were too busy. At the time you were recording your first album under the name of Queens Of The Stone Age. Personally, I prefer to call it Josh Homme the 1st. Well, you’ve done everything on it! And skipping (but not too fast, some hits are in there before) to track number 7, we fall on Mexicola. Currently, it’s my drug. One of my morning songs of these last few months.

Impossible for me to know what you’re talking about. Lyricism is not my thing (you noticed…) and I imagine that the day you composed Mexicola, you were not in your cleanest state of mind ever. However musically, it’s over the top. This bass hitting intro, flaming riff supported by Alfredo Hernandez’s strokes on the drums. Perfect. And that acceleration, just before you begin to sing on a clean, almost quiet voice calming this jumble but unbelievably organized sound and tune.

I’m reading myself again and find that my letter is not that clear, Josh. Please forgive me, but I’m so excited about our meeting tonight that I’m losing my motivation to find great wording and a commun thread to my message. I would like to make a request, though. Would you mind, please Saint Joshua, for my ear and spirit health, hand me a big glass of Mexicola tonight ?

Let’s Rock Today (and Write A Letter To Joshua Tomorrow)


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